Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pray, Keep Vigil

From today's post on Caringbridge:

"Last night Michael's body started showing signs that his time here on earth is coming to the end. His breathing has slowed down and his blood pressure is low. Organs are also showing signs of shutting down. I starred at him most of the night, afraid to close my eyes, that if I fell asleep he may take that last breath. This morning the nurse practitioner was in and felt he may have 24 hours left. My heart just sunk. I am aware of everything but it still hit me hard, to think I will soon never see him again. I ask everyone to pray for Michael as he begins his journey home. May Jesus and all his angels wrap their arms around him and guide him.
I love you so much honey, it's time to be free from suffering. I will always be with you our love has no end!

Love Nicole "

Please, light a candle and pray for this family tonight.