Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Happens When Bocker Misses His Nap

This video is an example of what Niklaus does when he is so tired he can't even think straight. Notice as you're watching it how his eyes are almost shut and he's wandering around aimlessly and biting his nails. He sounds like he's drunk. Also, don't call 911, Mari's not lacking oxygen...She only picked up the ring-pop sucker off the floor and I didn't have the heart to take it away from her. She was enjoying it soooo much (it's the one Bocker mentions at the end of the video...he didn't like it as much as Mari, let's just say)!
I had the camera in my hand trying to get a funny picture of Mari's blue lips and tongue when Niklaus came in the room making that hilarious "whoowhoo" sound talking about a siren that he heard in the distance. Also, it is the first time I've ever heard him make use of the word "ridiculous". It's especially funny because he can't say his "L"s. Check it out.

A couple other things of note:
There is a good view at the beginning of Mari's now famous "spike" on top of her head. No matter how much spit we apply, that thing will not go down. She's got this double swirl on top of her head and that's where her hairs meet. Not a good formation for a girl. She's going to have issues with that in the future, I'm sure. Okay, one other thing is the red all over Niklaus' hands and arms. We were painting earlier and that's the only color he painted with. I know because it's the color of my dining room table now... and floor.