Friday, December 08, 2006

Deer Santa

Niklaus and I broke away to Coborn's to get something for supper the other night and happened upon their annual Christmas dealio where they hire a really cool band to play Christmas music (I swear the lead singer was channeling Burl Ives, he sounded EXACTLY LIKE HIM!), have samples around every corner, and even have people with trays handing out holiday-style appetizers. I actually was there to get a few (ahem, it was St. Nicholas eve) things that I had forgotten (nothing like waiting until the last, possible second) the one hundred and forty-two other times I had been to the store in the last couple of weeks (how I got that stuff under his coat in the cart and into the bag at the checkout without him seeing was practically genius, if you ask me) and it was just so great that he was there with me because he's holed up at home all day while we are doing school and I love it when he can get some special attention. We were by the freezer/meat section when I saw the man in red...

Me: NIKLAUS! (in stage whisper) It's SANTA! Look behind you!
Niklaus: Whoa!
Santa: Hi! Want a candy cane?
Niklaus: Thanks (dead serious)
Santa: Here, take two...they're small!
Niklaus: Thanks
Me: (as we're walking away) Hey Niklaus! That was sooo cool, that was Santa Klaus!
Niklaus: Yeah, but where's his deers?

Three year-olds are AWESOME!