Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas is for children!

Here are my screwball kids while I was trying to take a nice, posed picture for Christmas cards. This is just one of 27 attempts at getting the perfect picture out of a cheap, toss-away camera that would be rushed off to Walmart for the VERY last minute!

This is a very sweet moment around the Advent wreath that I wanted to choose but my wonderful sister told me was "kinda overkill". Seriously, I know my children aren't always angels, but at this moment, they ACTUALLY were saying their morning prayers. So THERE, Trine!

This picture is probably my favorite. I always liked pictures of the children from this view, probably because they giggle the whole time I'm taking it and they are all on an equal plane despite the difference in ages, also I can fit them all in the picture this way!