Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Achin' Everything

I get tired putting my hair in a pony-tail. I'm really really really DONE with this pregnancy.
If this weren't Holy Week, I couldn't really go to church any more (last Sunday about did me in) but I'm going to try to gut through singing in the choir Thurs., Fri, and for Easter Vigil. After that, church will probably have to wait until after the baby is born.

I have a HUGE bunch of scheduling conflicts this time.

1. I had Mari a week early (induced) and I still don't think she was "ready", so I'm reluctant to induce more than 4 days early.

2. My doctor will be out of town after this weekend until the 15th

3. I'm due the 18th (Sunday) but want to be induced on Friday, the 16th.

4. I'm not sure if the baby's head is even down, which will affect everything.

5. My youngest sister will be out of town over the due time.

6. If I went over, my other sisters won't be around (vacations).

7. I don't want to go over.

8. I am seeing the doctor this Friday and I'll know more...but I REALLY want HIM to be there for the birth, since I've witnessed my sisters' deliveries (via that same doctor) for 7 babies and I just KNOW that I'd have a great experience with him and all of my sistahs present.

9. I need to have this baby soon because I'm very quickly running out of things to wear and pretty soon all that will fit is my mom's size 3 muu muus. (No, they don't fit her...she just buys things WAY too big for her.).

I know a lot of people would read this and think: Yeah, the baby will come when she comes and what's the big deal with having all of those people there? Haven't you done this 6 times before???

It's just that I've had so many not-so-great birth experiences, I don't know if this is my last, and I've had this doctor before but he was gone when I went into labor with Bocker and the doctor on call was the devil's minion (I think) and it was a HORRIBLE experience that I don't want to repeat. Also, the worst experience was only two years ago with Thomas so I'm still suffering PTSD about that. I know it can be GREAT, but I also know that most of my deliveries are really not great-truly awful. The only "perfect" situation would be:
1. To have my kids all in a good place and comfortable where they are during the delivery so I don't have to worry about them at all.

2. To have Butch be there.

3. To have all my sistahs be there.

4. To have MY doctor be there.

5. (maybe this one should have been number ONE) to have the anesthesiologist be standing right outside my room, needle in hand, ready for me the minute I have a contraction and long before I'm in actual labor/I get pitocin.

I just don't think, after all of these babies, that's asking too much.

Do you?

We went on "vacation" last week. From Tuesday night thru Saturday afternoon, we had the pool at Breezy Point resort all to ourselves. The stay was free from an angel that works with Butch. It was so great for the kids to have this adventure. Butch actually had some work, so he missed out but got to sleep in his own bed!

Here's a picture of all of the kids in the pool. They were so wonderfully behaved and helpful. Matthew cheerfully helped Tommy nearly the whole time and most of the time, he had two kids within reach for whom to be responsible. Trina was my other eyeballs and helped me with everything as well. They were both not feeling so great, so I really have to give them credit for all of the hauling and watching that they did last week.

Here is the baby. She's swimming, but this is as close as she got to the chlorine pool! (Don't worry, I watched her very closely.)
P.S. If Tommy stands directly under my belly, he disappears completely.