Friday, June 12, 2009

Come and Gone

I can't believe it's been four years since I started this thing.

I missed my official anniversary of the first post (May 27, '05).

I don't think this blog has evolved very much. I pretty much post whatever strikes me as funny, sad, interesting, or family related and I don't fancy it up with too much junk on the sidebars ever. Do I? Oh well, I like it and I hope I can do it forever. It's a great way to connect with your family and let your friends know what your family is up to.

There are certainly things that I've never posted about which I wish I could but that could hurt someone's feelings or identify them without permission. There are people I've forgotten to thank about certain things and people that I've not recognized that I maybe should have. I know I feel special when I'm named on someone's blog. I hope I haven't really hurt anyone with something I've said or not said. I hope you peeps speak up and tell me I'm full of junk when/if I do, but if you don't, then I'm sorry for being the type of person that doesn't recognize when I've made you mad/sad.

I should have some kind of contest to honor four years of blog service...hmmmm. Okay, got it...
Since the fourth anniversary gift (modern) is "appliance", I will buy a new, upright washer and dryer for...HAHAHAHAHA! Juuuuuust kidding! Whatever, like I have enough money to fix the dang door on my junky dryer, much less buy a new set for a few grand and GIVE it away?! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

Ahem. Okay, I just had a garage sale and nobody bought the v-smile console and controller that the kids used exactly 4 times before we got the wii. It comes with two games, one of which is the action games one with the dance pad. It works and, like I said, it's just like brand new. I'll mail it out to the person who wins this contest:

You need to be able to answer these questions about my blog posts. The rules are that you can't look back for the details. You have to have read my blog for the whole time, or have read back because you were just fascinated with my blog and wanted MORE from the very first time you read it. God is watching you, so don't cheat. Also, you can't be my sister. Or my husband. Or any one of my offspring (since you are the kids that don't play with that v-smile thingy anyways) You guys can play and answer questions for bragging rights, though. The first person to answer the most questions right by next Friday, wins.

1. I started a blog sensation in 2004 and met most of the friends I have now through that crazy thing. I started it by posting a picture of myself in high school. People were linking to me like crazy and posting their own, related pictures for fun. I found dozens of new blogs I hadn't known about in that time and it was great fun. I've only referenced it once or twice since then. I entitled the whole incident, "The Great ____ ____". Fill in the blanks.

2. When I first started to try to lose weight after Mari was born, I took a "before" picture of myself at a concert with my sis, Anna. Who did we see in concert? (Hint: small town on a Saturday cheating on google)

3. I once noted which I thought was the 'worst book ever'. Which book was it? (Hint: It was made into a very popular, romantic movie a couple of years ago...which I also hated...Starring an actor with the initials R.G...who is one of the worst male actors ever.)

4. We went on a field trip a couple of times to a city in MN. We took a picture both times of the kids in front of a totem pole, totem pole-style. Name the town and the museum where we took that picture.

5. Which of the twelve apostles do I most identify with and name as my patron?

6. How do I title posts that call for an urgent prayer request?

7. Which post is your favorite of all time here on the blog? (you can cheat and now look back in the archives if you want.

I realize that these are hard ones for the casual reader. I am aiming for the die-hard, look in the archives just for laughs, gollygee that Laura is one of my favorite people in the whole world-type of fans out there who've obsessively read my blog and therefore deserve the wonderful prize.

Thank you for reading my blog/being my friends/humoring me into thinking I'm even remotely interesting/putting up with my B.S. all these years.

Love ya!