Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Boy Watching TV by Matty Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Every time I get the kids flashlights or glowsticks I hear them say, "Hey, let's play PINKIES!!!" for some reason they never tell me what the heck it is, but today they enlightened me...

It's called "pinkies" because it started with the original pink glowsticks that mama gave us. We pretend that we are a band called the "pinkies" and after our band plays, bad guys come up and we turn into the "superpinkies" and we all get superpowers. Then when we're done killing the bad guys, we get tired and we lay on the couch until another bad guy comes then we battle them, too. We practice by fake fighting with eachother in our "off times" when there are no bad guys.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Mattzilla and the barbies

Mattzilla puts on his nightvision googles on and his miner's lamp headlight and he seeks out the barbies hiding under the chair and tries to eat them. The barbies try to get help from ken, but he's busy hiding under the table and is no help at all. Then the barbies talk under the chair and they say, "HELP! KEN! KILL MATTZILLA!". Then Mattzilla uses a hair clip that looks like it has really sharp teeth and then Ken sets a brick under him and Mattzilla eats the brick but it doesn't do anything but then they try putting clothes over the bricks to disguise them in the hopes that Mattzilla will eat them and die of indigestion.

(the kid's verbatim description of how "mattzilla and the barbies" works)

I like to draw

Weazy was writing on the magna doodle and after doodling flowers, hearts and stick people, she worked really hard at perfecting something and when I asked her what she was drawing, she informed me that she was working on the "perfect corndog". Very important to get that one right!!!!

3rd 1st dangit entry!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh! First entry, better be a good one!
WOW here I am in the infamous "blogosphere". Now that I have freedom to write whatever the hell I wanna...ummm, I kinda don't know what to write! Okay. I got it. I'll just write about the funny, weird things my kids do in their everyday lives.When the three biggers are downstairs playing like crazy and making all kinds of noise, (so much so that I yell down there thinking they are fighting and they laugh and tell me it's just the barbies getting into fights) Matty comes running up the stairs holding himself, and dancing, and obviously needing to go to the bathroom. Matty yells down to the girls, "HEY, PAUSE THE GAME!!!" Which is hilarious considering he is asking them to pause REAL LIFE and not a computer. Strange kids. Gotta love 'em!